Marca China 2023 Closed successfully, see you next June in 2024

On June 9th, a three-day 2023 Marca China International Private Label Fair (Marca China) ended successfully in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). 286 domestic and overseas exhibitors gathered in Shenzhen have presented all kinds of fine products of private label, attracting 8,999 professional visitors, and co-organised by the Shenzhen Retail Business Association and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts.


The high-quality exhibitor of Marca China this year included Want Want Group, Xiamen Yamata Foods, Xiamen Lvdi Ecological, Sichuan Longbang Food, Jiangmen Shanshui Food, Fujian Baledge Food, Fujian Zhongxingfu Food, Dachuan (Fujian) Food, Guangzhou Jiachubao Food, Zhejiang Qinglian Food, Hangzhou Cheerday Brewery, Lofugn Seafood, Guangzhou Xile Foodstuffs Business, Ulike, Qingdao Hollyren Cosmetics, Nox Bellcow Cosmetics, Megasoft (China), Guangdong Qinye Health Supplies Technology, Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique, Dongguan Kangroad Electrical Technology, Shanghai Foyou Cosmetics, Shandong Qiupai Cosmetics, Guangzhou Jiutai Biotechnology, SIVIA, Ausmetics Daily Chemicals (Guangzhou), etc.

This year, Marca China attracted domestic and foreign purchasers from professional fields such as supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, brand stores, catering, e-commerce, etc., including WalMart, Vanguard, Aeon, Rainbow Supermarket, KK Group, RenRenLe, Teamfirt, Meiyijia, Ottno, Jiajiayue, Suning Epin, NONA, MINISO, Wenzihui, etc. 171 one-on-one business matching services were organised on site, an increase of 84% compared with the previous session. In addition, commercial associations in South China, such as Guangdong Food Circulation Association, Huangpu Food Safety Association of Guangzhou, Guangzhou City Food Enterprises Association, Shenzhen Packaging Trade Association, Dongguan Retailers Association, Shantou Supermarket Supply Chain Association, also actively organised VIP delegations to visit the show.

match making

This year, Marca China 2023 set up Trendy Zone, Creative Design Zone and E-commerce Zone to discuss new trends, new consumption and new channels with the industry. Enabled more consumers to understand the new trends in retail development.

Trendy Zone - Collaborated with international consumer goods trend publishing agencies to jointly created a new consumer goods zone that showcases high-quality and innovative products from both domestic and overseas markets.

The international private label consulting company (IPLC) came from Italy to the scene together with the private label products awarded in the IPLS AWARD 2023 selection of BolognaFiere International Private Label Conference and Exhibition and summitted earlier this year. These products are the latest private label innovative products in Europe, including health food, beauty care, household products, pet products and other series. Through the award-winning products in IPLS AWARD, the latest trends of the European private label industry are described.

This time, IPLC representatives from Italy, a consulting partner, also attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, he received a lot of feedback from domestic suppliers and retailers, and gave the greatest affirmation to private label exhibition in Shenzhen.

Marca China was a unique window to retail industry and private label award among Asian countries. It’s also the best way for me to know about the industry and the gate to access this huge market. The two-day forums were very informative, offering free of charge insight sharing instead of getting it from expensive consultancy, which not only help people meet customer but also gain insight. And I was so inspired by the visit to Rainbow Supermarket  and the speech from Linshop, that Chinese retailer tries to understand private label. Please maintain its high quality level of the event as always, connecting customers, markets and consumers. More Italian medium-sized companies and exhibitors should also participate in Marca China to seize this great opportunity to showcase and collaborate.


IPLC Europe Partner

In addition, Daymon Worldwide, which focused on the development of retail private label,  brought more than 30 high-quality innovative pieces, and combined with the innovation and creativity of Daymon's global trend wheel, it demonstrated a variety of successful cases of private label. Among these cases, there were many innovative products that were in line with the current mainstream trends, such as the most popular emerging categories of plant-based, functional additives, sustainable development, multicultural fusion flavors, light luxury customization, sugar reduction, transparency, personalization, etc. on a global scale.

This is my second time participated in Marca China, which was very successful on the whole, especially in terms of forum content and guest invitation. This year, we also participated in activities in the trendy zone for new consumption, communicating with buyers and suppliers about the trend of overseas new consumption, and received a lot of feedback. I hope 2024 will be better and more successful!

Alex Reuts, Daymon Worldwide Shanghai Consulting Co.Ltd

Senior Business Director, PB (USA)

This year's two-day industry forum was rich in content and diverse in perspectives, attracted many viewers to share and learn. On the morning of the 7th, the Huangpu · Guangzhou Development District lead a promotion meeting for the beauty and health industry chain, promoting the investment policies of the development zone and encourage new impetus into the beauty industry.


Government leaders and guests attending the investment promotion meeting included: Huang Jianhua, deputy director of the Market Bureau of the District Market Supervision Bureau, Zhou Minting, director of the Food Production Safety Supervision and Management Division of the District Market Bureau, Zhu Wentao, officer of the Drug and Cosmetic Safety Supervision and Management Division of the District Market Bureau, Li Yun, deputy director of the District Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Liang Junhao, officer of the Business Department of the District Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Wang Chunwei and Xu Canping, project managers of the Investment Promotion Service Department of Shixing Investment Company.

On the first forum in the afternoon of July 7, Huang Jing, Secretary General of Shenzhen Retail Business Association, as the host, and discussed the theme of " Exploring the Development of Private Labels under New Consumption " with Ma Lijuan, Director of AFIONA Group, Zhao Yan, Brand Director, Rainbow Supermarket; Li Fengyi, CEO of Future Talent, and Alex Reuts, Senior Business Director, PB (USA) of Daymon Worldwide Shanghai Consulting Co.Ltd.

Exploring the Development of Private Labels under New Consumption

From left to right, Huang Jing, Secretary General of Shenzhen Retail Business Association, Ma Lijuan, Director of AFIONA Group, Zhao Yan, Brand Director, Rainbow Supermarket, Li Fengyi, CEO of Future Talent, and Alex Reuts, Senior Business Director, PB (USA). Daymon Worldwide Shanghai Consulting Co.Ltd

The second forum was presided over by Wang Sheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Chain Store & Franchise Association, to discuss "the development of private label in the post epidemic era" with Fukada Minoru, General Manager of Merchandise & buying Division of AEON(CHINA)CO., LTD.; Wang Tao, General Manager of Rainbow Supermarket, and Stefano Ghetti (Italy), IPLC Europe Partner.

Exploring Private Label Development in the Post-epidemic Era

From left to right, Fukada Minoru, General Manager of Merchandise & buying Division of AEON(CHINA)CO., LTD., Wang Tao, General Manager of Rainbow Supermarket, and Stefano Ghetti (Italy), IPLC Europe Partner

The forum on the second day focused on private label and competitiveness. In the morning, we discussed " Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness with Private Brands ". Zhang Zhiqiang, founder of P.1 data technologies Co., Ltd; Wu Jinhong, Chairman of China Ants Alliance, and Luo Xiao, Assistant General Manager of Xiangjiang General Store; made wonderful sharing from three different perspectives: category management, win-win cooperation, and practical experience of private label in retail enterprises. Jokin Pascal (Spain), Asia Business Director of Anecoop shared with you the practical case of the development of fresh private label in Europe.

Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness with Private Brands

From left to right, Zhang Zhiqiang, Founder of P.1 Data Technologies Co., Ltd, Wu Jinhong, Chairman of China Ants Alliance, Luo Xiao, Assistant General Manager of Xiangjiang General Store, Jokin Pascal, Asia Business Director, Anecoop, Spain.

With the theme of "How to build the core competitiveness of Private label", the afternoon forum was hosted by Mu Yi, General Manager of Supplier Service of Linkshop. Pang Xiaowei, the chairman of Linkshop, Susan Yao, Marketing Director of Caihua Trading (Yollect Union) and Xiao Jiangbo, General Manager of OEM Center, Suning Epin were invited to share their views and opinions based on their own experience. In addition, Stefano Ghetti (Italy), the European partner of IPLC, shared the innovation and development of European private label from an international perspective.

How to Build Core Competitiveness for Private Label Brands

From left to right, Mu Yi, General Manager of Supplier Service, Linkshop, Pang Xiaowei, Chairman of Links Shop, Susan Yiu, Marketing Director of Caihua Trading (Yollect Union), Xiao Jiangbo, General Manager of OEM Center, Suning Epin, Stefano Ghetti (Italy), IPLC Europe Partner.

The special forum for packaging design was held by Hong KO (Hong Kong SAR, China), Founder of KL & K Design, Mandy Wang, Deputy General Manager of LKK Design, and Percy Yin (Taiwan, China), Creative Director, Daymon Worldwide Shanghai Consulting Co., Ltd shared the theme of "how to make packaging more 'humanized' through new consumption concepts" with the audience, so as to jointly feel the beauty of design and creativity.

In line with New Consumer Concept, How to Make Packaging More Humanized

From left to right,Mandy Wang, Deputy General Manager of LKK Design, Percy Yin (Taiwan, China), Creative Director, Daymon Worldwide Shanghai Consulting Co., Ltd.


HONG KO (Hong Kong SAR, China), Founder of KL & K Design

Marca Mart had 37 exhibitors participating in the exhibition this year, included Fujian Zhongxingfu Food, Lofugn Seafood, Xiamen Lvdi Ecological, Shandong Sweet Bee, Shandong Wake Fresh Food Technology, Yijian (Tianjin) Biotechnology, Megasoft (China), Kunshan Health And Beyond, Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique, etc., showcased a total of 121 popular products. Multiple current specialty products, included health products, baked goods, leisure food, frozen food and pre made food, seasonings, beverages, alcoholic beverages, beauty and personal care.

This year, Retailer Brand Area exhibited the latest private label products brought by retailers such as Rainbow, RenRenLe, Tianfu, Jiajiayue, Otton, Guizhou Heli, Changdachang, Suning Epin, Chihua Trading etc., which gathering and spotlights on the private label industry.

This year, Marca China invited some of the group leaders to have products selection onsite to offer a new concept of the show and provide a diverse platform to all the suppliers. 

At last, we would like to thank exhibitors, audiences, media and all the industrial people came to Marca China 2023. At the same time, I would also like to thank the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Huangpu Committee, China Chamber of International Commerce Ningbo Chamber of Commerce, Ningbo Industrial Design Union, Guangzhou City Food Enterprises Association, Shenzhen Food Industry Association and Shenzhen Packaging Trade Association for their strong support.

We look forward to meeting you again at Marca China 2024 to welcome the bright future of private label together.

Marca mart&retailer area

For more inquiry, please contact us:

Renee Lu

+86-3368 3186 * 8054


Quotes from partner

Shenzhen Retail Business Association is honored to be the co-organiser of the exhibition for two consecutive years. This year's exhibition focused on private label and high-quality enterprises of new consumer goods, highlighting the characteristics of "new" consumer brands. At the same time, an industry forum was held to explore the future development potential and direction of private label with guests, providing enterprises with the latest information and resource platform. May the exhibition continue to moving rapidly and create brilliance next year!

Huang Jing

Secretary General, Shenzhen Retail Business Association

Quotes from exhibitors

Through Marca China 2023, Baledge Food will show the best products and services, win more customers and partners, and wish Marca China 2024 a better future.

Fujian Baledge Food Co., Ltd.

The arrangement of various stages of this exhibition is exquisite, and the visitors are highly professional, providing a high-quality negotiation platform for the customers. At the same time, many potential partners from different channels have also been increased. Dachuan Food has always adhered to innovative and high-quality popular products, creating valuable innovative CP preserved fruits and fun Renjian series of innovative wrapped nuts for customers. Many brands and channel merchants who attended the exhibition unanimously expressed their emotions and discovered a treasure snack called "Dachuan Food".

Dachuan (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd.

The organiser is very enthusiastic, the service is very attentive, and we attach great importance to every participating companies. This year, we participated in matching making programme and met many well-known retail enterprises in the industry. I hope that the next event can provide more and better coordination for more enterprises in terms of procurement and supply, so that our products have more opportunities to be understood by retail channels.

Xiamen Lvdi Ecological Share Co., Ltd.

The organiser has a strong ability to integrate resources and help our exhibitors conduct one-on-one business matching. From coordinating exhibitions to on-site services, every detail reflects professionalism. The organiser fully understood our needs and extends more cooperation opportunities.

Ulike Co., Ltd.

If we use four words to describe this exhibition, it must be a worthwhile trip. During the exhibition, several high-value supermarkets and e-commerce retail channels were connected and in-depth exchanges were conducted. Sincere thanks to the organiser.

Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry Co., Ltd

The second edition of Marca China has made a growth, with more professional and considerate services and supporting facilities. The resources of exhibitors and visitors have been greatly improved, and many high-quality private label customers with precise positioning have been received positive feedbacks. Looking forward to the next edition being even better!

Qingdao Hollyren Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Quotes from buyers

Starting from invitation and during all the staying in China, everything was perfect. Since the arrive in the hotel on June the 6th I had all the information in order to participate and join all the different meetings and appointments. Marca team was very efficient and always at disposal for every question. The business matchmaking meetings were very interesting, even if some suppliers were not really “in line” with my needs/business. It was interesting to listen and analyse different points of view and to discover new factories and products. We discussed and leave each other our WeChat contacts in order to study possible cooperation. Participation in the guided tour to Rainbow Supermarket was a very interesting experience in order to better understand the Chinese market. This visit was a very important moment of the trip due to the fact that we were “on the field” and we could better understand some marketing and logistics way of think of the Chinese market.

Massimiliano Bianca (France)

Purchasing Manager, NOAO/AKEO

This is the second time that we participated in Marca China. Compared with the last edition, this exhibition improved in terms of audience organisation, exhibition commodities and forum content. I believe that Marca China will be better and look forward to more cooperation in the future.

Zhao Yan

Brand Director, Rainbow Supermarket

It is my great honor to share the development trend of private label at Marca China 2023 as a guest speaker. This year, the professionalism of the exhibition has improved, and I have met many peers. I am very happy to participate and I hope there will be more cooperation in 2024 and the exhibition will become better and better.

Fukada Minoru (Japan)

General Manager of Merchandise &Buying Division of AEON(CHINA)CO., LTD.

It's a pleasure to participate in Marca China 2023 and meet the OEM suppliers of personal care and beauty. Some of the products are novel and representative. The service is very good, and offering one on one business matching making programme. This service greatly saves time and efficiency for both buyers and suppliers. Although the exhibition scale is not large, it covers the entire industry. Hope the 2024 exhibition will be better!

Chen Si

Cosmetics Buyers, MINISO

This year is the second time for us to participate in Marca China, and we have seen the growth of the exhibition, which is more obvious than the first edition. Not only in terms of exhibition organisation, exhibitors, and audiences. We will continue to support Marca China and embraced the South China market. We hope the exhibition will be better next year!

Lu Kunpeng

Director of Private-Label, RenRenLe

After more than two years of development, Group's Private label Suning Yipin has been liked by users and recognized by the industry for its commodity concept of high value, high appearance value, high cost performance and content "three high and one have". It is a great honor to have the opportunity to participate in Marca China 2023. This exhibition, together with international and domestic private label industry experts and source factories, has in-depth exchanges on the development of private label, making more high-quality products in China going globally. Thank you for your careful arrangement. Looking forward to our next gathering.

Xiao Jiangbo

General Manager of OEM Center, Suning Epin

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