Innovative Model

Why the ‘1+2’ Model?

In 2023, as the economy and consumption patterns make a comprehensive recovery, the Chinese consumer market is being infused with a fresh vitality. The emergence of new demographics, new demands, and new business models has ushered in both new opportunities and challenges across the Chinese consumer landscape. Consumers are now more focused on cost-effectiveness, personal gratification, health, and brand value. The consumer landscape has become more diverse, and demands are more varied. Meanwhile, as the country rolls out successive policies to boost domestic demand and encourage new types of consumption, it is steering the course toward high-quality development, setting the stage for upgrades to consumption and inventive new models in consumer markets. The reverberations of the market’s evolution can be widely felt among retailers and manufacturers, necessitating the creation of products that marry quality with creativity.

These transformations within consumer markets imply that both upstream manufacturers shouldering production and downstream businesses responsible for sales will witness heightened competition and internal pressures. In terms of exhibitors' and attendees' expectations for future exhibitions, their goals have been streamlined: to expand their networks and facilitate buying and selling transactions. Yet, to realize these goals, it is vital to confront the longstanding pain points of the traditional exhibition format.

Pain Points of Traditional Exhibitions

The final day witnesses a decrease in attendance and popularity, making exhibitors less motivated to engage.

 Exhibitors are constrained by their booth locations and must passively wait for buyers to come to them, unable to engage with all their target buyers.

Highlights of the ‘1+2’ Model

The Exclusive Supplier–Retailer Day replaces the final day with a high-yield, low-input day that allows exhibitors to secure resources earlier, increase exhibition returns, and even reduce travel costs.

The Exclusive Supplier–Retailer Day is a precisely targeted gathering of top-level qualified buyers, providing exhibitors with the opportunity for proactive engagement and communication in advance, leading to enhanced efficiency.

To put it simply, the ‘1+2’ model is a high-yield, low input replacement for the final day of the traditional exhibition, with the Exclusive Supplier-Retailer Day for exhibitors bringing exhibitors and buyers together in advance of the exhibition and providing them with the opportunity to collaborate for a more finely-tuned, better-matched and efficient experience.

What is the ‘1+2’ Model

The ‘1’ refers to the Exclusive Supplier–Retailer Day on 26 June at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (Futian), which is open exclusively to the exhibitors and specially invited qualified buyers. Exhibitors can participate in the professional events: Training Sessions, Buyer’s Sharing Sessions, Featured Product Showcase, Welcome Dinner.

The ‘2’ refers to the two days of exhibition, which will be held in Hall 7 of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (Futian) on 27–28 June.

With a focus on food, household goods, beauty and personal care products, packaging, design and consulting, Marca China showcases both leading private label categories, such as food and beverages, alongside new consumer trends in organic health products and creative packaging design. The exhibition covers an area of 10,000 square meters and convenes more than 200 high-quality exhibitors and over 10,000 professional buyers.